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Wish List for 2019

The very first wish list was made at the beginning of 2019. It included items I would like to Find throughout the year (or all at once, ha) in the wild to sell.

Let’s review this years list before I reveal the new list for 2020.

  1. A BIBA Dress
  2. 70s LANVIN Print Dress
  3. Thea Porter
  4. Sonia Delaunay
  5. A Carpet Coat
  6. Judith Lieberman Bag/Belt
  7. 50s Men’s Suede Knit Cardigans
  8. Suede Sherpa Jackets
  9. 70s/80s Doc Martin Boots
  10. Ruffle Tuxedo Shirts

Whenever I found an item I would post an image and mark the item off my list. Because I had several items that were fantasy, I didn’t do that well. I was able to cross Doc Martin boots and Ruffle Tuxedo Shirt off. Although I didn’t find a Suede Sherpa jacket, I do have a couple of vests. They are not listed yet but will be in the eShop by the New year.  Technically, I did not check them off, but willingly I did.

I thought about making my New list more attainable but I am also not sure how this Next year will play out. Here is the New List-

  1. Tyrolean Cardigans
  2. Malcolm Starr
  3. Mens 1950s-60s Madras Plaid
  4. Men’s 1950s Trousers
  5. 2 Tone Shoes- Guys or Gals
  6. Spring 1960s Trench Coats
  7. 1970s Platform Sandals
  8. Byzantine-Egyptian Revival Costume Jewelry
  9. 1950s Sailor Trousers
  10. Carpet Bags/Coats

New Year, time to get out there and start hunting!

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!

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Top Nine Best Sells of 2019

Last year was a banner year for Sales for my shop on Etsy but then things started to decline quickly towards the end of the year which progressed into 2019. The decline and fall of my shop on Etsy began and I needed to do something different.

It had happened before where I went to other hosting sites like Retruly, Depop and even Ebay to slug my wares online. But sales were inconsistent and becoming farther and fewer in between.

I did have my own website before and its lack of success caused me to waver on whether breaking from these hosts was a good idea. The false security is a habit. The dependency is Real.

Here are the Top Nine Best Sells I had on Etsy from top Left to Right-

  • Beaded Pink Gogo Cocktail dress- Heavily encrusted with glass beads, sequins in clear and white gems. A fun Jewel of a Dress for an evening spent dancing or dining. It was heavy because of the beading but a vintage delight! It found a Home in Texas.
  • Escada’s dark brown silk animal jacquard Dress- The back of this dress is so sexy with its plunging cowl neck. It had a drop waist skirt. Wild texture and pattern in the silk fabric. Margaretha Ley must have thought of taking this from day to evening. Day a blazer, take one away. It found a home in California, USA!
  • Louis Feraud’s Jewel Print Jacquard Silk Dress- The Client whom purchased this lovely silk 1980s dress wanted to know about the previous owner, Unfortunately I could not give her any info. This is the case often times because I acquire my items from all over Southern Ontario. Whatever the case may be She had good taste. It found a home in Australia
  • Escada Blue Plaid Wool Blazer- Margaretha ley really knew how to use Color in clothing. This bright blue check wool blazer was vivid and made for the sophisticated working woman. It found a home in Canada
  • Adidas Keil 1973 Boat Shoes- One of the coolest and may be most rare items I’ve recently found, for which I also found the original magazine Ad.  It found a home in my hometown in Canada
  • Wrangler America Stripe twill Jeans- Hip low rise Red, White and Blue stripe jeans with Far Out Bell Bottoms. So fun I was sad to see them go! It found a home in North Carolina, USA
  • Italian Black Knit Rainbow Lurex Knit Dress- Twinkling in the light the rainbow color lurex of this ruffle Italian made knit dress gave me Missoni vibes. It found a home in Illinois, USA
  • Black Levi Strauss trucker Jacket- Someone doused this in cologne. I had some trouble with it and had to wait patiently after 2 washings for it to be fainter.  Ut it was worth it as Levi Jean Jacket in any color other than blue are hard to find. It found a home in California, USA!
  • John Fluevog Burgundy Leather peep toe Shoes- Adorable burgundy and white two-tone Sling back shoes by the Amazingly talented John Fluevog. It found a home in Montreal, Canada

I miss every one of these items but it’s always great to see that they will make a new home with their new owners!

My Family calls me Lulu so you can too!

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My Top 9 of 2019 on Instagram

Every year in the last 3-4 years there is a trend on Instagram where people post their top 9, in grid form of their most popular images. These are the pictures that received the most hearts, comments, shares, etc. for the last 12 months.

It’s not all about the numbers. We don’t post how many actual likes or comments we received and since Instagram is hiding these numbers now, does it even matter?

This was a roller coaster year for me. I was on Etsy for 10 years and felt social media helped a little bit with interaction and conversion. Remember Wanelo? Way better results and easy to detect!

But since Etsy changed their algorithm for those US sellers with Free guaranteed shipping, I felt Etsy did not have my business interests at heart and therefore moved on.

Let’s start at the top and work left to right on my grid.

  • Siouxie of Siouxie and the Banshees- I wrote a Shorter Short Story on how I met the band in a hotel back in the 80s in Toronto.
  • Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper- This was part of my promo for 25% off in my eShop, which included Free gift-wrapped packages in these papers.
  • Outfit of The Day- It had a very 70s Rock n Roll vibe! Like the Beatles, Rolling Stones and those Brit rock Bohemians. Both items are still available in my eShop.
  • My New Logo- Since I left Etsy, I rebranded by shop with a New cleaner look. Vintage all the way.
  • The Hudson Bay Point Blanket Coat- Can’t believe this restored 1960s coat is still available even with the discount on it. But Sometimes you just never know about these things.
  • The Chopper Brass Belt Buckle- I acquired a couple of these Rad Belt buckles with the low rider Motorcycles made in the late 1970s. This one is totally Brass! Still available in my Eshop!
  • Lloyd Cole- This was a Shorter Short Story written for Instagram about my encounter the Man. I even posted the autograph note he wrote to me.
  • Monosignè- A cute customer alert went out after Signe from Denmark posted a pic sporting her Vintage Green striped 1970s seersucker Bell bottoms from the shop.

Ask me about a discount for Posting your Attirely Vintage on your Social Media.

My family calls me Lulu so you can too!

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Black Friday Small Business Saturday Cyber Monday all in ONE!

Now till December 7 2019 Get 25% off your total Purchase

before Shipping is added.

Add the Coupon Code DCM4YWY2 to your cart on the Checkout Page!

*Discount cannot be applied to Sale or already discounted Items

*No refund or Returns on Sale or Discounted Merchandise

*No Further Negotiations are allowed

*Only valid in my Eshop

The Holiday’s have come early to Attirely Vintage! Happy Shopping!

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My Gift to You

Opens November 25 2019- Use our Coupon Code to receive 25% Off

On your total purchase (before ship rate) in my Eshop!

Coupon code can only be used here:

  • Expires Dec. 7 2019
  • Discount cannot be applied to Sale or already discounted Items
  • No refund or Returns on Sale or Discounted Merchandise
  • No Further Negotiations are allowed
  • Only valid in my Eshop
  • Excludes Shipping rates

Discount cannot be applied to Sale or already discounted Items

No refund or Returns on Sale or Discounted Merchandise

No Further Negotiations are allowed

Only valid in my Eshop

Excludes Shipping rates

When the Coupon goes Live I will share the link on my Instagram Page:

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Black Friday is Early this year!

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5 Reasons to Shop my .Com Shop

Counting down the top reasons to shop my E-commerce store and not Etsy or anywhere else.

5) It’s Cheaper-I am able to list in Canadian dollars. I do not have to pay at least 15% more for Etsy fees. Yes, I do have google ads, but that’s part of my expenses. Overall, the items are still less expensive. And it’s transparent so you know how much you are paying for shipping because the calculator tells you the rate from Canada to wherever you are or where you want the parcel sent.

4) It’s just a bit more personal- Here I am more invested in my success, which means you get to deal with me, a real person, A small business owner. Not some intermediary entity, who doesn’t really care about either one of us!

3) Shop safely and securely. I accept Paypal and Square. If you look in your web browser on the site’s URL you will see the small little lock. That means it safe to add your info without worry.

2) I can do so much more with my own shop than with Etsy. Layaway, Promotions, Email Lists, Contests and more. Signing up with the shop means I can keep in touch with my Guest’s and not have to worry about Etsy Tou’s (whatever they are). I will still respect your privacy as I am a discreet person.

1) This is my Brand. Not Etsy’s brand. You can get to know what my shop is all about and that means what I’m all about too. I am bringing the 5 star service I had on Etsy to And after 9 years on Etsy, I am dedicated to bringing quality and Unusual vintage goods for Every Body!

So in Summary, you get Branding, Planning, Safety and Security, Personalized Service and Fair Prices. Choose your Style, It’s Attirely up to you!

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!

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My first blog post I told you a bit about my journey on Etsy. This post will tell you a little bit more. Let’s start. I’m a very boring person. Nowadays anyway.

Ballet, Swimming, Reading, Poetry, Fashion Design, Arts and Crafts, Poetry, Writing, Art, Art, Art! Then, vintage clothing! This weird line is my interests from the time I was a kid. I have had a varied history of like and dislikes. I guess I was a commitment phobe.

Grade 11 -1985

I didn’t want this to become or read like a dating application! I am nomadic. I travelled in my younger years, now, I do not hold a passport. Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Europe, Israel, England, Cuba, etc.

Do these things tell you much about me? I have been writing these Shorter short stories for Instagram on #TBT. Small segments that tell you about how important some special pieces of clothing and the role they played in my life (They are still on my feed). I do not know why I remember some things and not others.

Perhaps, in the future, you will hear my stories of teenage nights of debauchery, The treachery of friends past, the wail of a good time with best mates and so much more.  

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!

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Attirely Vintage says Goodbye to Etsy

I remember when I was in my twenties and writing poetry. I was a serious poet. But if you wanted to get published you paid in someway. Either by buying the publication or paying a submission fee. 

Not much has changed in over 20 years. Businesses are still looking for ways to make money from creative people. And so I decided to publish my own Chap book of poetry. If you keep reading you’ll understand my point.

When I joined Etsy 11 years ago, it was relatively reasonable to list on the market place. I sold my art first then moved into selling vintage. It was seamless. 

I was doing well. Sales increased each year. I adjusted SEO when I needed it. I watched videos to be a better Etsy seller. I participated in the forums and joined a few Teams (now the community system is horrid). I hardly complained and remained positive. 

In the beginning, I paid a .20c listing fee on each item then a 3% final value fee. But so much has changed with Etsy. The company went public and the grabbing hands got greedier. 

Now, I pay a .20c listing fee, a final value fee, a 5% shipping fee, promoted listings, a monthly subscription fee and blood, sweat and tears! 

I do not use Etsy’s shipping services like the calculated shipping and their labels. Why am I paying a shipping fee? 

I am in Canada and the buyers who make purchases from me pay Internet State tax. I do not sell $10,000US to Washington state or Pennsylvania or whoever else has implemented this tax. Also more states will be charging this tax soon. 

I am a small business. When you are a part of Etsy it is hard to be your own Brand. I saw an interview with Melissa McCarthy on Jimmy Kimmel and another time on James Corden’s The Late Late Show. Both times. She plugged Etsy but not the individual sellers’ from whom, she bought handmade items. I had a revelation then. When you sell on Etsy your brand is Etsy! I am not Attirely Vintage on Etsy!

The last problem is the free shipping Etsy is forcing on us Sellers. Did you know you will pay more Internet Sales tax on a higher $$$ amount item? It maybe a few dollars here or there but really Who wants to pay more government taxes. Raise your hands! 

I always viewed Etsy as a platform that Creative people and Vintage enthusiasts could claim as a haven but it was there to help us. Now, I see it as another entity, there to hinder us, just like when I was writing Poetry. I think you see my point now!

When the last listing expires, sometime in November, I will say goodbye to Etsy. It’s time to stand on my own and get to know my Brand!

This is Lulu, it’s what my family calls me so you can too!