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5 Reasons to Shop my .Com Shop

Counting down the top reasons to shop my E-commerce store and not Etsy or anywhere else.

5) It’s Cheaper-I am able to list in Canadian dollars. I do not have to pay at least 15% more for Etsy fees. Yes, I do have google ads, but that’s part of my expenses. Overall, the items are still less expensive. And it’s transparent so you know how much you are paying for shipping because the calculator tells you the rate from Canada to wherever you are or where you want the parcel sent.

4) It’s just a bit more personal- Here I am more invested in my success, which means you get to deal with me, a real person, A small business owner. Not some intermediary entity, who doesn’t really care about either one of us!

3) Shop safely and securely. I accept Paypal and Square. If you look in your web browser on the site’s URL you will see the small little lock. That means it safe to add your info without worry.

2) I can do so much more with my own shop than with Etsy. Layaway, Promotions, Email Lists, Contests and more. Signing up with the shop means I can keep in touch with my Guest’s and not have to worry about Etsy Tou’s (whatever they are). I will still respect your privacy as I am a discreet person.

1) This is my Brand. Not Etsy’s brand. You can get to know what my shop is all about and that means what I’m all about too. I am bringing the 5 star service I had on Etsy to And after 9 years on Etsy, I am dedicated to bringing quality and Unusual vintage goods for Every Body!

So in Summary, you get Branding, Planning, Safety and Security, Personalized Service and Fair Prices. Choose your Style, It’s Attirely up to you!

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!

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