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My first blog post I told you a bit about my journey on Etsy. This post will tell you a little bit more. Let’s start. I’m a very boring person. Nowadays anyway.

Ballet, Swimming, Reading, Poetry, Fashion Design, Arts and Crafts, Poetry, Writing, Art, Art, Art! Then, vintage clothing! This weird line is my interests from the time I was a kid. I have had a varied history of like and dislikes. I guess I was a commitment phobe.

Grade 11 -1985

I didn’t want this to become or read like a dating application! I am nomadic. I travelled in my younger years, now, I do not hold a passport. Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Europe, Israel, England, Cuba, etc.

Do these things tell you much about me? I have been writing these Shorter short stories for Instagram on #TBT. Small segments that tell you about how important some special pieces of clothing and the role they played in my life (They are still on my feed). I do not know why I remember some things and not others.

Perhaps, in the future, you will hear my stories of teenage nights of debauchery, The treachery of friends past, the wail of a good time with best mates and so much more.  

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!

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