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Attirely Vintage says Goodbye to Etsy

I remember when I was in my twenties and writing poetry. I was a serious poet. But if you wanted to get published you paid in someway. Either by buying the publication or paying a submission fee. 

Not much has changed in over 20 years. Businesses are still looking for ways to make money from creative people. And so I decided to publish my own Chap book of poetry. If you keep reading you’ll understand my point.

When I joined Etsy 11 years ago, it was relatively reasonable to list on the market place. I sold my art first then moved into selling vintage. It was seamless. 

I was doing well. Sales increased each year. I adjusted SEO when I needed it. I watched videos to be a better Etsy seller. I participated in the forums and joined a few Teams (now the community system is horrid). I hardly complained and remained positive. 

In the beginning, I paid a .20c listing fee on each item then a 3% final value fee. But so much has changed with Etsy. The company went public and the grabbing hands got greedier. 

Now, I pay a .20c listing fee, a final value fee, a 5% shipping fee, promoted listings, a monthly subscription fee and blood, sweat and tears! 

I do not use Etsy’s shipping services like the calculated shipping and their labels. Why am I paying a shipping fee? 

I am in Canada and the buyers who make purchases from me pay Internet State tax. I do not sell $10,000US to Washington state or Pennsylvania or whoever else has implemented this tax. Also more states will be charging this tax soon. 

I am a small business. When you are a part of Etsy it is hard to be your own Brand. I saw an interview with Melissa McCarthy on Jimmy Kimmel and another time on James Corden’s The Late Late Show. Both times. She plugged Etsy but not the individual sellers’ from whom, she bought handmade items. I had a revelation then. When you sell on Etsy your brand is Etsy! I am not Attirely Vintage on Etsy!

The last problem is the free shipping Etsy is forcing on us Sellers. Did you know you will pay more Internet Sales tax on a higher $$$ amount item? It maybe a few dollars here or there but really Who wants to pay more government taxes. Raise your hands! 

I always viewed Etsy as a platform that Creative people and Vintage enthusiasts could claim as a haven but it was there to help us. Now, I see it as another entity, there to hinder us, just like when I was writing Poetry. I think you see my point now!

When the last listing expires, sometime in November, I will say goodbye to Etsy. It’s time to stand on my own and get to know my Brand!

This is Lulu, it’s what my family calls me so you can too!