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Wish List for 2019

The very first wish list was made at the beginning of 2019. It included items I would like to Find throughout the year (or all at once, ha) in the wild to sell.

Let’s review this years list before I reveal the new list for 2020.

  1. A BIBA Dress
  2. 70s LANVIN Print Dress
  3. Thea Porter
  4. Sonia Delaunay
  5. A Carpet Coat
  6. Judith Lieberman Bag/Belt
  7. 50s Men’s Suede Knit Cardigans
  8. Suede Sherpa Jackets
  9. 70s/80s Doc Martin Boots
  10. Ruffle Tuxedo Shirts

Whenever I found an item I would post an image and mark the item off my list. Because I had several items that were fantasy, I didn’t do that well. I was able to cross Doc Martin boots and Ruffle Tuxedo Shirt off. Although I didn’t find a Suede Sherpa jacket, I do have a couple of vests. They are not listed yet but will be in the eShop by the New year.  Technically, I did not check them off, but willingly I did.

I thought about making my New list more attainable but I am also not sure how this Next year will play out. Here is the New List-

  1. Tyrolean Cardigans
  2. Malcolm Starr
  3. Mens 1950s-60s Madras Plaid
  4. Men’s 1950s Trousers
  5. 2 Tone Shoes- Guys or Gals
  6. Spring 1960s Trench Coats
  7. 1970s Platform Sandals
  8. Byzantine-Egyptian Revival Costume Jewelry
  9. 1950s Sailor Trousers
  10. Carpet Bags/Coats

New Year, time to get out there and start hunting!

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!

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5 Reasons to Shop my .Com Shop

Counting down the top reasons to shop my E-commerce store and not Etsy or anywhere else.

5) It’s Cheaper-I am able to list in Canadian dollars. I do not have to pay at least 15% more for Etsy fees. Yes, I do have google ads, but that’s part of my expenses. Overall, the items are still less expensive. And it’s transparent so you know how much you are paying for shipping because the calculator tells you the rate from Canada to wherever you are or where you want the parcel sent.

4) It’s just a bit more personal- Here I am more invested in my success, which means you get to deal with me, a real person, A small business owner. Not some intermediary entity, who doesn’t really care about either one of us!

3) Shop safely and securely. I accept Paypal and Square. If you look in your web browser on the site’s URL you will see the small little lock. That means it safe to add your info without worry.

2) I can do so much more with my own shop than with Etsy. Layaway, Promotions, Email Lists, Contests and more. Signing up with the shop means I can keep in touch with my Guest’s and not have to worry about Etsy Tou’s (whatever they are). I will still respect your privacy as I am a discreet person.

1) This is my Brand. Not Etsy’s brand. You can get to know what my shop is all about and that means what I’m all about too. I am bringing the 5 star service I had on Etsy to And after 9 years on Etsy, I am dedicated to bringing quality and Unusual vintage goods for Every Body!

So in Summary, you get Branding, Planning, Safety and Security, Personalized Service and Fair Prices. Choose your Style, It’s Attirely up to you!

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!

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My first blog post I told you a bit about my journey on Etsy. This post will tell you a little bit more. Let’s start. I’m a very boring person. Nowadays anyway.

Ballet, Swimming, Reading, Poetry, Fashion Design, Arts and Crafts, Poetry, Writing, Art, Art, Art! Then, vintage clothing! This weird line is my interests from the time I was a kid. I have had a varied history of like and dislikes. I guess I was a commitment phobe.

Grade 11 -1985

I didn’t want this to become or read like a dating application! I am nomadic. I travelled in my younger years, now, I do not hold a passport. Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Europe, Israel, England, Cuba, etc.

Do these things tell you much about me? I have been writing these Shorter short stories for Instagram on #TBT. Small segments that tell you about how important some special pieces of clothing and the role they played in my life (They are still on my feed). I do not know why I remember some things and not others.

Perhaps, in the future, you will hear my stories of teenage nights of debauchery, The treachery of friends past, the wail of a good time with best mates and so much more.  

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!