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Wish List for 2019

The very first wish list was made at the beginning of 2019. It included items I would like to Find throughout the year (or all at once, ha) in the wild to sell.

Let’s review this years list before I reveal the new list for 2020.

  1. A BIBA Dress
  2. 70s LANVIN Print Dress
  3. Thea Porter
  4. Sonia Delaunay
  5. A Carpet Coat
  6. Judith Lieberman Bag/Belt
  7. 50s Men’s Suede Knit Cardigans
  8. Suede Sherpa Jackets
  9. 70s/80s Doc Martin Boots
  10. Ruffle Tuxedo Shirts

Whenever I found an item I would post an image and mark the item off my list. Because I had several items that were fantasy, I didn’t do that well. I was able to cross Doc Martin boots and Ruffle Tuxedo Shirt off. Although I didn’t find a Suede Sherpa jacket, I do have a couple of vests. They are not listed yet but will be in the eShop by the New year.  Technically, I did not check them off, but willingly I did.

I thought about making my New list more attainable but I am also not sure how this Next year will play out. Here is the New List-

  1. Tyrolean Cardigans
  2. Malcolm Starr
  3. Mens 1950s-60s Madras Plaid
  4. Men’s 1950s Trousers
  5. 2 Tone Shoes- Guys or Gals
  6. Spring 1960s Trench Coats
  7. 1970s Platform Sandals
  8. Byzantine-Egyptian Revival Costume Jewelry
  9. 1950s Sailor Trousers
  10. Carpet Bags/Coats

New Year, time to get out there and start hunting!

My Family calls me Lulu, so you can too!